How long should a video be?
For explainer video, perfect length is between 60 and 90 seconds. It can be longer, but user attention quickly drops after that point.
What is the work flow?
Usually I follow a few simple steps, which include the script, voice over recording, style frame, storyboard, graphic design, animation, music & sound effects. At every stage we will ask you for your opinion and comments.
How long does it take?
Most projects last between 2 and 4 weeks. I can work faster sometimes, but please keep in mind fast client feedback is crucial in such situation. Also, keep in in mind that good web video needs it’s time.
How much does it cost?
This strongly depends on the subject and techniques used - no two projects are identical - but in general you can assume $1500 for a 2 minute video. I always ask my clients to pay at least 30% deposit upfront.
Can I cancel the project?
You can cancel the project at any time. However, I will keep the 30% you paid up front.
Is my project private?
Certainly, I have a number of permanent clients, who trust I keep secrets. No information related to your projects is going to leak. Also, I will not show you other client’s confidential assets.
How many amends?
The production process includes several steps. They are scripting, storyboarding, graphic design, animation. At every stage you have 2 sets of amends guaranteed. Usually more.
How about signing an NDA?
Certainly I will. I take it seriously. I have signed several NDAs with various clients.
Can we outsource work to you?
Yes. I work for various agencies and I often don’t put these projects into portfolio.
Who owns the rights?
Once it is completed and you have paid the invoice, you are the only owner.
How about payment?
Once you accept our offer, I will ask you to pay 30% up front. The remaining 70% should be paid once when the final video is approved. Once paid, you will receive a link to the high resolution files.
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