A colorful Tenerife island map app for Android smartphones. It can replace a traditional guide book and is pretty much different from any other tourist apps. It's illustrated with custom hand-drawn graphics that make it a fun for kids and adults alike. As a personal project, it's available free of charge from Google Play Store.

* made in funny doodle / comic book style
* filled with hand-drawn illustrations
* supports GPS position, showing where you are
* only really most intersting places, many custom tips
* fun for kids and adults
* a substitute of a Tenerife guide book, from very personal perspective
* focused on natural attractions and the ones that are free or cheap
* no expensive or very commercial places
* absolutely free, not additional purchases inside
* all content is offline
* contains no advertisements
* free of charge


Have you ever wondered what are the very best places to see in Tenerife? I'm not talking about typical, commercial attractions. I mean places that are really going to leave you breathless. Let's suppose you have just 7 days to see the island. This map will show you the spots that are most interesting and really must-see.

Click to install from Google Play Store

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